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Follow Up Your Sales Leads

So, you’ve invested time in generating sales lead – Now let’s turn them into customers. However, to ensure that this is successful there is a few things you need to consider, the first is when and how you follow up as this is the key to closing deals.

Remember, most leads take some time. To make this work in your favour timing is key, schedule regular conversions to check in on them and ask to speak with other members of the team. Additionally, send leads information that will be valuable to them and tailor to their needs, this will make them more likely to become customers.

Action on leads fast – when leads are identified don’t let them go. Make sure you have a quick turnaround from leads being identified to engaging with them. By speaking to them quickly you ensure that you start to build a relationship.   

Each lead will have a different problem they want solved and will be seeking different information from you. By using your initial conversation to find out what their problem is you can then tailor all your information to their needs. 

Don’t waste your time – keep productivity high and make sure that all the hottest leads are being dealt with quickly. If not you risk leads becoming cold leads and wasting potential clients that would become customers.

Use your CRM and record each contact, making this available to all staff who needs it. By doing this, you can give customers the complete experience, and they will feel listened too and valued. Thus, more likely to get close this customer.

Integrate your sales and marketing teams, and by doing this discover how you could use other channels to your advantage. There are many different ways you can use social media sites like LinkedIn. Use this channel to research potential leads and narrow down your 5 hottest leads to then contact.

The most valuable piece of advice is always be prepared. Being you make contact with a lead, plan what you want to say and the messages you want to say. By knowing this you can ensure that you tailor all the information to their needs and anything that they want to find out. Additionally, have all information or marketing collateral easily available, if the lead mentions something you can quickly find the answer.

It is important that everytime you follow up with a lead you have a purpose, as this will create a bigger impact. Whether, it is a new service launch you think will interest them or sharing content that would be valuable to them, you will keep your links with them but not come across as desperate.

Finally, continuously analyse data and find out what works and what doesn’t? By having this insight, you can make changes, thus improving your sales and marketing process.

Overall, the main things are to act fast but with a purpose that would interest your lead.

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