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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Sales

Our Principal Consultant recently attended Hannover Messe, representing one of our key clients. This is what he learned

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, with the concept of blurring the real world with the technological world. It is the coming together of the physical and the technological world, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. We don’t know what the impact will be over the next ten years, however, we already see the change in sales.

Since some of the changes are already apparent, they need to be considered when planning and delivering sales strategies.

Customer experience is key

Apps and social media have created engagement, transparency and choice possible. We now have sophisticated customers who know exactly what they want and won’t settle for less. Thus, sales success is constantly adapting to match a customer-driven market. Going forward into the Fourth Industrial Revolution customer experience needs to be the number one priority for any company. If you don’t put customers at the top of your business then you risk being lost in an ever-changing market.

Customers want to feel like they are number one and don’t want to feel like just another number. They expect companies to understand their needs and bring the solutions that they want. Technological tools will be to better understand their customer, with access to a wealth of information that will add a personal touch to their customer service.

Cross-team collaboration

By putting the customer at the core of your sales strategy, it is essential to map out their journey. You will quickly realise that the customer will touch many departments. Thus, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring more collaboration within a company, with different departments working together to create a seamless customer experience.

By involving all departments in the sales strategy, and having them understand the customer you will ensure that your customer service is more effective as the customers’ needs will be known to all member of staff that they may connect with.

Embrace the change

The world is constantly evolving and changing. As Heraclitus once said, ‘The only constant is change.’ Everyday new competitors will start disrupting the market, new tools will be developed and market conditions change. To keep ahead of the market, constantly keep up to date with evolutions and don’t be afraid of having to adapt.

Companies will constantly have to review their sales strategies to stay relevant and keep up with new disrupters. Be creative and find more ways for your brand to build a stronger connection with your business and how to improve your processes.

Advances in Sales Tools Technology

The link between sales strategies and technology has become more apparent over the past decade, to the point where sales teams rely on technology to carry out their job. By finding new sales technologies early, you will advance your company and it will give you a real competitive advantage.

New technologies have become increasingly advanced. that they can now help determine the next moves and give recommendations for you to close deals. With the implementation of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence it will turn the industry on its head, with the companies welcoming new technologies to come out on top.

The success of company’s sales strategy with the Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about the entire business coming together to exceed customer expectations. No matter how large or small your company is, if your customer is not at the heart of every decision you make you will eventually fail.

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