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Market Intelligence

HMC provides market intelligence and analytics for our customers around the globe, turning data into insights.

HMC Global works in partnership with both public sector and private commercial clients to deliver insightful market intelligence, research, & analytics.

Covering a range of industries, sectors, and regions, we provide clients with an in-depth analysis that allows them to better understand the target market, reduce costs and identify real buyer opportunities. We provide market intelligence in an in-depth and understandable manner so that our clients can make sense of their target markets and buyers and make informed decisions for their business.

HMC Global’s Market Intelligence team, who are based in our Belfast headquarters, are supported by staff in our overseas offices in the US, EU, and Asia. These teams work together to offer and develop accurate and detailed global insights into a business’ or agency’s desired market.

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Why Work With Us?

HMC Global’s Market Intelligence team can help your business or agency to:

  • Compile, analyse, and visualise statistical data using modern and traditional collection, manipulation, and analysis methods.
  • Collect data on your potential buyers, leads, competitors, and market sectors, by consolidating information into actionable items, reports and presentations.
  • Understand your business aims, and design research methodologies based on these goals that are needed to discover prospective customers’ needs.
  • Create and supply competitive analyses on various different companies’ market offerings, identify the trends in each market, pricing levels, business models, sales plans and methods of operation.
  • Utilise the latest ideas and thinking in data visualisation and analytics to prepare and present research data in a format that provides the maximum value for our clients.

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HMC can provide in-depth data, research, and analysis on various trends and insights into any market. Get in touch for more information on how HMC can help kick start your investment activity.

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