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International Growth

HMC can help you to win new business across the globe.

For over three decades, HMC Global has been partnering with a range of both public and private sector clients from across the globe to secure business from some of the world’s largest corporations.  Working with these organisations, we offer bespoke B2B lead generation, account management & buyer development services.

Since the business was founded in 1990, we have worked with over one hundred development agencies across the globe. In that time, we have helped secure over three hundred new investments which supplied 11,000 new jobs and capital investment in excess of $1 billion.

We have won new business from some of the world’s largest companies and corporations and offer a wealth of experience in the development and delivery of strategic accounts. We understand the FDI process and how to navigate it, the factors which drive investment decisions, and more importantly, how regions need to position and market themselves in the face of increasing global competition. Using our expertise in FDI, international growth, and export development, we can make sure that your international growth process runs smoothly.

Our experienced Trade Team, supported by our staff in HMC Global’s overseas offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States, can accelerate and de-risk your entrance into new markets and further your international growth.

International growth

Why Work With Us?

The road from “contact to contract” can be long and gruelling. In the B2B sales environment, success is only achieved by gaining a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, the individuals involved and the role that your region will play in their success.

  • Experience 
    • HMC Global’s Belfast based Trade and Exporting team has over 30 years of experience working in international markets
  • In-Market Expertise 
    • We have offices located throughout the world. We are based in Belfast, Brussels, Boston, London, Manila, and Shanghai.
  • Network
    • We understand the importance of knowing and having the right contacts. We possess and can provide clients access to our wide existing network of contacts across the globe.
  • Business Acumen
    • HMC Global’s experience and knowledge is applied to all we do – from research, qualification, and initial outreach to in-meeting advice and strategy.

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