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The Importance of Marketing Analytics

Analytics can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Most business professionals want to gain an insight into their customers and make sure that the content they share is relevant to their audience.

By having access to analytics you’re ensuring that you can see exactly what pieces of content get the most engagement and which don’t. You can see how certain customers find your website and which pages they looked at, meaning you can find more leads and tailor your initial contact. Thus, being able to close more deals and increasing your ROI.

Before setting this up you should have a clear view on who your target audience are? What content would be relevant? Who in the company you mostly want to target? The list goes on … by having a clear strategy you can ensure that get the most out of your marketing output. 

Before the internet, it was much harder to find this information. Now, exploit the fact that you have online resources and use this to your advantage. Remember, customers are now more complex and sophisticated than ever before, as everyone fights for attention it is hard to get your marketing efforts noticed. However, if you use analytics you will have the data to help create engaging content. 

Google Analytics – gives you the digital analytics tools needed to analyse data from all of our touchpoints. By having all of this data in one place you will gain a deeper understanding of your customers experience. 

Cyfe – using a marketing dashboard like Cyfe, means having all your information on the one page. It takes traffic and engagement for all of your social media platforms and gives you insights such as new followers, engagement and reach. It will cost you $19 a month, if you want the premium which comes with more features. However, I get more than enough information from the free version.

If you google round you will find loads of different analytic platforms and you can choose the ones that most suit your business and needs. Needless to say, a business should make marketing analytics part of their team’s culture, and update them regularly. By having the link between marketing activity and the overall objectives of the company there will be a greater understanding throughout the whole business. Additionally, if every staff member knows why we post certain pieces of content, and what is engaging – it will create better content overall. 

To conclude it is vital that you constantly analyse your analytics, as this will help distinguish what content is most impactful and is attractive to your audience. Additionally, by knowing your website traffic trends, you can also see when you get the most traffic to your website and find out what content was published at that particular time. The power of digital has definitely created an evolution in marketing as never before has companies been able to access such a comprehensive insight into the impact that their online marketing output has. Be intelligent, by analysing and using data from analytics you can connect with your audience without wasting time and resource.

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