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The Impact of Social on Sales

We no longer ‘’go online’’, we ‘’live’’ online, meaning that companies now have to adapt online methods to connect with their prospects in order to grow their business.

The sales industry has been disrupted heavily by social media, as now you can connect with people instantly and get more information about your customers.

By having access to this wealth of information it can help your business understand how it is perceived by customers, resulting in the business being able to alter their offering. Here we have listed a few ways that you can use social media to your advantage and increase sales:

The right platform

There are multiple social media sites that customers use personally and professionally, in their everyday lives. The average time someone spends on social media per day in 2017 was 135 minutes, meaning that utilising the social media platforms that your customer or prospects are using will lead to more brand awareness and interaction. By being aware of the platforms your client base is using, it is easier to connect and inform them of your product offering.

Connect with them

Now that you have established the platforms that your customers are using, the next step is to connect with them. This can be done by following, liking them or connecting with them. By using different techniques, you can find your customers and use keywords to help identify them. Once connected, don’t automatically go for the sale, instead, start a conversation and see how your offering can assist them.

Relationship Building

Social Media allows you to build lasting relationships with your client base. However, this takes time and results don’t happen overnight. Thus, you need to invest time into your social media platforms in order to get engagement. By doing an audit of your customers and prospects you can see which types of content they respond too. The best way is to create content that offers the solutions to the problems they face.

Here are a few tips for using social media to your advantage. Yes, social media has disrupted the world of sales, however, it has never been easier to connect with prospects and customers. By using these platforms to add value to their lives with your offering you can ensure that your increase the sales of your business.

At HMC Global, we understand sales, taking the business development off you so you can focus on what really matters your offering. If you want more information on how we use both our inFront and TargetSmart products to grow your business, then email info@hmcglobal.co.uk

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