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Sales as a Service

Reduce the cost of sales and grow revenue.

Companies outsource almost every type of function to gain efficiencies, skills or cut costs.

It has become commonplace to outsource ‘non-core’ activity to allow focus on where you really add value but one of the last taboos in the outsourcing space is sales.
Companies fear messing with the sales force as it is seen as the machine that drives revenue, the lifeblood of the company. No matter how damaged that machine may be, the thought of overhauling it frightens business managers. To keep sales flowing, companies will make small repairs for as long as they can.
With that in mind, more companies are sourcing Sales as a Service. But why?
Sales reps are expensive
Most sales reps spend less than half of their time actually selling. The other half is usually activity that adds little value to the end client, like research, admin and lead generation.
By analysing your sales process, the real non value add functions can be taken from sales reps and delivered by vendors allowing them to sell more.
Sales reps are not always needed
By analysing the customer requirements and attributed value it often becomes clear that even perceived large customers do not need as much F2F sales rep time. The same value can be applied via a vendor based inside sales team.  
By realigning the sales efforts, sales reps can spend more time selling to those customers with higher value.
Vendors bring new experience and skills
Launching new products or into new markets require skills that are not always available in house. Furthermore hiring those skills can be risky if the venture does not work.
Vendors can scale up and down as required providing real flexibility.
HMC Global provides Sales as a Service for the same reasons and more. Contact us to see if we can help your business reduce its cost of sale and grow revenues.

Sales as a Service

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