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Accelerate your Business Growth strategy

Here are a few different actions that you can introduce to ensure that your business is constantly growing to its potential. Clear Plan It is essential that you have a clear document outlining your Business Growth strategy as this is a vital in order to map out your objectives and how exactly you are going […]


Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Small to medium-sized enterprises are faced with challenges daily. Since these companies are at a smaller scale compared to a global company it means that they will be affected by numerous problems such as high cost of insurance, state of the economy, employee skills gap and competition within the UK and abroad – the list […]


Habits of Highly Effective Sales People

The art of sales can be difficult, however, there is a few sales habits that you can develop to make sure you become a more effective sales person.


The Importance of Marketing Analytics

Analytics can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Most business professionals want to gain an insight into their customers and make sure that the content they share is relevant to their audience. By having access to analytics you’re ensuring that you can see exactly what pieces of content get the most […]


Get a laser focus on the right market

Cost of sales is a killer. After developing an excellent product or service and fine tuning the details you need to make sure that it is marketed to the right people. Understanding and maximising your return on investment (ROI) is fundamental to an efficient sales operation. There are two key elements to success in this […]


Big congratulations to our marathon runners!

Big congratulations to our marathon runners, who not only came in with very respectable times, but raised in excess of £750 for our charity partner the Northern Ireland Childrens Hospice. Well done team HMC!


Sales as a Service

Reduce the cost of sales and grow revenue. Companies outsource almost every type of function to gain efficiencies, skills or cut costs. It has become commonplace to outsource ‘non-core’ activity to allow focus on where you really add value but one of the last taboos in the outsourcing space is sales. Companies fear messing with the sales […]


China takes the lead in global FDI

Statistics published this year show that in 2014 global FDI flows have fallen 8% with a total of $1.26tn being invested internationally. For the first time since 2003, despite ongoing challenges in the domestic economy, China has overtaken the USA as the top destination for Foreign Direct Investment. Alarming fall for USA Alarmingly, year on […]


How European Automotive Manufacturers Are Changing Foreign Direct Investment

We recently commissioned a new report analyzing the resurgence in automotive FDI from Europe into the US. Foreign Direct Investment experiences and strategies of the European automotive industry over the last few years offer a particularly valuable glimpse into the future of European manufacturing overseas as a whole. Stagnant sales and production inflexibility at home […]


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