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Wicklow & Kildare SMEs Scale Export Potential with HMC Global

HMCs Export Development Programme designed and delivered on behalf the Local Enterprise Offices, Wicklow and Kildare, was designed to give practical support to small businesses to get focused on their export plans and scale their export potential.


New Partnership with HMC Global and Kaizen Brand Evolution

This exciting new partnership offers high-growth companies the opportunity to improve their digital and online presence and strengthen their brand New Partnership Announcement: HMC Global with Kaizen Brand Evolution We are proud to announce our new partnership with creative design agency, Kaizen Brand Evolution. Kaizen Brand Evolution, are an award-winning, highly skilled brand design agency specialising […]


Northern Irish Goods: New Rules and Changes Delayed

NI Businesses had hoped the uncertainty surrounding Brexit would be clarified by the end of the year when post-Brexit rules would be put in place. This will no longer be the case. These plans have since been delayed, citing concerns over which goods qualify for unrestricted access when moving from NI to Britain. The current criteria […]


The Return of the Aerospace Industry

The global aerospace industry has been preparing for an upturn from the second half of 2021 onwards, fuelled by covid restrictions loosening


Shipping Disruptions Continue for Irish Exporters

When Brexit became a reality on January 1st, 2021, it was clear that the network of scheduled freight shipping services linking Irish Ports with British and Continental European Ports would change significantly.   Months later, almost four out of 10 Irish businesses are still reporting increased fees and delays to their supply chain because of Brexit. It was predicted that by now, freight and shipping pricing levels would drop back down, and normality […]


Electric Vehicle Revolution – New Opportunities for Local Authorities

The electric vehicle market across the UK is showing sure and steady growth. The Department of Transport figures for 2021 showed that, up to the end of May, 500,000 electric vehicles had been registered. Ahead of the 2030 ban on sales of diesel-powered vehicles this move towards electric-powered vehicles (EVs) looks set only to increase.  As the UK […]


US Semiconductor Shortage: A Potential Solution

The world is currently facing a shortage of semiconductors – also known as microchips, due to bottlenecks in the manufacturing supply chain. Semiconductors are used in all parts of modern life, from phones to AI, and vehicles. The Asia Pacific region manufactures over 60% of all semiconductors, making it the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the […]


UK Trade Outlook: July 2021

The outlook for UK trade is positive this month. Exports of goods from the UK to EU are reaching new highs, and UK is forging strong trade alliances with Australia, Japan, and the US. Goods exported from the UK to the European Union (EU) reached its highest level since October 2019 in May this year. […]


Irish Exports Set to Grow in 2021

In a post-Covid recovery plan released this month, the Irish government revealed a 4% economic growth projection, property tax increases, and a push toward a greener Irish economy, but what did this plan have to say about Irish exports? The plan suggested a positive outlook for exports, with Enterprise Ireland stating that Irish exporters are […]


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