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The Electric Vehicle Revolution – New Opportunities for Local Authorities

The electric vehicle market across the UK is showing sure and steady growth.

The Department of Transport figures for 2021 showed that, up to the end of May, 500,000 electric vehicles had been registered. Ahead of the 2030 ban on sales of diesel-powered vehicles this move towards electric-powered vehicles (EVs) looks set only to increase. 

As the UK electric vehicle market grows, so too must the UK’s EV charge point network. At present, the UK has about 25,000 charging points for EVs – compared with a requirement of more than 250,000 by the end of the decade. At this rate, they need to be installing more than 700 a day.  

Current regional disparities in charger numbers are also huge. The need for more charging points is obviously crucial – and it is here that there are opportunities for local authorities to seize the opportunity and benefit from the EV revolution. Local councils must discover how to attract EV charging companies and how they can best monetise the opportunities that EV’s present.  

electric vehicle charger

It’s a two-way win – public access to chargers increases footfall and venue popularity whilst income for the local authority and businesses can rise. An additional incentive is Government funding, which could help with including charge points in planning. The Government has said it will invest £1.3 billion in electric charging infrastructure over the next four years. 

The opportunity for local authorities is real. Authorities that are on the ball can use this infrastructure rollout to the benefit of their communities and local finances. Boxes for redevelopment, green initiatives and generating local wealth can all be ticked. 

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Local authorities and councils who aren’t already should be actively looking to see how the electric vehicle industry can benefit them and their communities. For more information on how HMC Global can help you gain the market intelligence, insight, and skills needed to enter the EV sector, use the form below contact Amy Barron from our Business Development at:

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