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Core Sales Skills Development

Our Core Sales Skills services here at HMC Global have been created and designed to prepare businesses of each and any size and stage with their sales campaign and strategy. HMC Global designed this service to ensure that business owners and management alike can make effective sales by equipping them with the confidence, context, and knowledge that they need. This knowledge can then be passed on to other employees, giving business owners an opportunity to create their own sales team that can make sustainable sales.

We understand how challenging it can be to run a successful sales campaign and win new business, especially in the current climate given covid and Brexit. That is why we have thoroughly designed our Core Sales Skills services to leave no stone unturned and give our clients as much knowledge and support as they need.

Our sales training and mentoring includes:

  • Marketing Strategy
    • Developing a plan that turns consumers into customers
  • Lead Generation
    • Finding the right leads and deciding on the best plan for contact
  • Account Development
    • How to manage your sales process and determine potential revenue
  • Outsourcing
    • How and when should you outsource your services?
  • Sales Opportunity Conversions
    • How to measure the effectiveness of your sales team and strategy
  • Closing Deals
    • With a variety of deal closing techniques and the type of sales deal closes you can expect

For more details on HMC Global’s Core Sales Skills programmes and eligibility, please contact our Programme Manager, Croia Gallen at:

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