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CityGlobe – Talent Benchmarking

CityGlobe use the latest technology and advanced data science to monitor the major business metrics of your city against the other cities of the region and the world and keep track of the changes. We constantly share the results of this ongoing benchmarking of business locations with the site selection professionals and the global investment decision-makers. Our goal is to reduce the workload on both sides and help the consultants grow more successful connections between businesses and cities.

Even small cities have qualities and opportunities that expanding businesses find attractive. And even the most well-known cities has something new to share with the world. We help you pinpoint and share your city’s special set of skills and incentives so the right companies consider you for their next place of business.

By working with the world’s leading consulting companies, we keep your city always visible and investment-ready at no cost. It’s a circular data concept. You just need to connect to our network.

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