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Irish Health Food Company Achieves Export Success

After experiencing domestic success in Ireland, Mobia made the strategic decision to expand their business on an international level.

Mobia are a health food company based in Westmeath, whose main products are their açaí sorbet, organic honey, and wheatgrass juice. Their most popular product is the açaí sorbet and also their primary export. Mobia made their açaí sorbet with a European taste pallet in mind, focusing on creating a healthy and lower sugar sorbet.

Using our 30 years of experience in international markets, HMC conducted a detailed market opportunity analysis of the UK health foods market on Mobia’s behalf. From this analysis, HMC found strong export opportunities for Mobia in population-dense, metropolitan areas in the UK, such as London.

To prepare for the sales campaign, lists of potential buyers were gathered for the buyer outreach. While conducting market research for Mobia, HMC found that UK student populations were an ideal demographic for Mobia’s açaí sorbet. As a result of this, HMC then added university campus distributors to a potential buyers list.

After successfully appointing a UK distributor, Mobia experienced some unforeseen logistical issues. HMC’s business consultancy team assisted the company by supplying the correct contacts, resources, and software needed to fix the problem and prevent this from happening again.

Key Activities:

Market Intelligence

Market and sector analyses of multiple countries including mainland Europe, Russia, and the UK.


HMC created a marketing plan on behalf of Mobia, that looked at their inbound and outbound efforts. Within this, HMC devised plans for their email campaigns and social media marketing. HMC then produced marketing material for Mobia, including product information sheets.


HMC assisted Mobia in their outreach through providing the contacts of potential distributors, directing the sales campaign, and initiating contact between potential buyers and Mobia.

Export Plan

HMC developed an export plan on behalf of Mobia, providing a bespoke, detailed route to exporting successfully.

Export Support

After facing coordination issues at customs, HMC helped Mobia to identify Irish customs clearance brokers, and provided them with a customs clearance software to avoid this issue in future.



New website launched

International Growth

A UK distributor appointed


Access to new funding opportunities


“I am delighted to say HMC brought professionalism and measurement to our export campaign, which were the key factors to our success in entering the UK market.”

Johnny Molloy, CEO of Mobia

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