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Delivering Game Changing Contracts for a Software Company

Biznet is a leading provider of Supplier Performance Management (SPM) software designed to measure, analyse and secure tangible improvements in supply chain management.

The Biznet P6 software was developed initially for the energy sector. However, the downturn in oil and gas meant sales had stagnated and revenue opportunities needed to be explored. HMC Global was hired to rejuvenate the sales pipeline and move the product into sectors with a similar supplier profile to oil.

Using our inFront process alongside the Biznet team, we defined the key value propositions for the P6 product and matched this against the needs of the current market. From here, we created a marketing program that included the following elements:

Using existing databases, supplemented by research from our Belfast and off-shore teams, we implemented a lead qualification campaign. For each meeting, we called to clarify expectations for the sales meeting and buying intentions. We then prepared a detailed briefing document that clearly outlined the opportunity and the relevant information regarding the buyer.

Key Activities:

A focus on the construction and pharma sectors with complex supply chain requirements and are highly regulated

Development of channel partners, particularly system integrators that can supply domain experience and facilitate access to target companies

A lead qualification program focused on the UK for construction and the US/Ireland for pharma.


Over the course of this 6 month program, we delivered an active pipeline of business for:

Oil & Gas

15 meetings with senior executives in both the UK and US. Based on these meetings, 5 product demonstrations were undertaken and one company agreed to implement the product on a North Sea facility.

UK Construction

31 meetings arranged with large UK construction companies resulted in 7 product demos


18 meetings with senior executives in both Ireland and the US.

Channel Partners

9 international consulting companies meetings, leading to two on-site demonstrations with supply chain teams. After 6 months, we also assisted in the identification and subsequent sale of Biznet to its new owner.

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