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New Opportunities for Life and Health Sciences Sector

Invest Northern Ireland, like all economic development agencies, are under pressure to achieve more with fewer resources available to them.

To make the best possible decisions for the Life & Health Sciences sector, they commissioned HMC Global to identify new opportunities, measure the cost of securing these opportunities and analyse the potential return on investment.

Using our inFront process, HMC Global undertook a 12-week project to answer key questions by carrying out the following:

Key Activities:

Carrying out a profile of the global industry.

Examining the global flow of FDI projects in the industry.

Defining the Northern Ireland proposition within the global industry.

Presenting plausible routes to market for the client, illustrating the resources required, timescale and potential rewards.

This data was presented back in a clear report used by key stakeholders and decision makers within the organisation.


Having this rich, independent analysis in place has enabled our client to make better decisions, made an efficient use of resources and increased the effectiveness of their business development processes in this sector.

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