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Securing, US State, Virginia’s Largest International Job Creation

Virginia’s Economic Development Partnership creates wealth and employment in the State of Virginia by securing foreign direct investment from around the globe.

HMC Global worked alongside VEDP for five years from 2009-2014. Beginning with lead generation programmes across Europe, we were then appointed as their official representatives in UK and Irish markets in 2011.

Using inFront, we developed and implemented a full business development and marketing strategy. Having identified marketing and promotional opportunities, we arranged and promoted VEDP through corporate hospitality days at sporting events, round table dinners and sector focused seminars.

Key Activities:

We regularly reviewed the market conditions across target industry sectors in the UK & Ireland

We proactively made recommendations on the best performing sectors in real-time

We strategically and proactively pursued opportunities in these sectors

One company, Greencore, were already operating in the US and were keen to expand their US footprint along the East Coast. We engaged with Greencore, spoke with them about the Virginia value proposition, developed a relationship with them and facilitated inward visits for the Senior Greencore team to Virginia.


At the end of a summer Marketing Mission, led by the State Governor to Europe in 2012 (a mission coordinated by HMC Global), Greencore committed to a new manufacturing plant in Virginia promising 350 new jobs. When the plant opened it became the largest international job creation announcement by the VEDP in 2013.

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