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Building a Robust Construction Sector for Northern Ireland

Since the financial crash in 2008, the subsequent lack of finance for building projects meant the global construction sector was suffering. Northern Ireland was no different. The region needed an effective method for creating new business opportunities in the wider GB market.

Invest Northern Ireland is the economic development agency for Northern Ireland, responsible for supporting local companies to grow through job creation and global exports.

Key Activities:

Analysed the skills and capability within Northern Ireland construction companies to frame wider business opportunities.

Pursued a campaign of exploratory meetings with large scale construction project managers in the public and private sectors to establish natural synergies.

Staged a number of ‘meet the buyer’ presentations in Northern Ireland, demonstrating best practice in competing for large scale projects.

Pro-active introductions to bidders, guiding local companies through the tendering process to success.


Northern Ireland companies in the construction sector now enjoy unprecedented access and reputation within the GB marketplace. HMC Global has facilitated more than £300m in new business and increased business development capability across the sector.

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