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Building a Sales Performance Management Strategy

Boosting your efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team should always play at the back of a manager’s mind. However, some don’t realise the need for a Sales Performance Management strategy. By having this strategy, you will be able to clarify your thinking as to how you are going to hit goals and targets, without wasting time and resource.

Management Style

Complete a self-audit of your management style – a great manager knows how to play to their strengths and minimise their weaknesses.  

Clear Vision

By having a clear vision and how you will communicate this to the team, you will ensure that everyone on your team, stakeholders and customers understand the aim of the company.

Results and objectives

Decide what results you want to see and then make realistic objectives that can be met in the timeframe, ensuring that you have mapped out how you intend to do this.


Make sure you schedule regular sales and pipeline meetings as well as quarterly reviews with staff to ensure that everyone understands what is going on.


Great managers are able to see when staff are struggling and may need support. It is also effective to have one-to-one meetings with staff regularly to keep tabs on how they are getting on.


Work alongside staff members who are low-performers and see it there is a way to support them and help them find ways to close deals successfully themselves.

For many sales managers, they are often too unclear of what success looks like, this means that they should take time to reflect and think of the bigger picture.

Even though sales teams will see success with good management teams, by implementing software tools it will help management motivate and reinforce positive, consistent behavioural change among their team members based on data.

Most SME’s employ a CRM system to manage their sales process, however, SPM suites have emerged over the last ten years. These systems have been used by larger corporations, as they help sales managers take a more holistic view of their sales organisation’s activities. If you are going to introduce one of these systems make sure that you have planned for and that it is included in your strategy.

By adopting all of these points you can ensure when building your Sales Performance Management Strategy, that it will be useful and successful.

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