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5 Sales Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

With over 20 years in lead prospecting, we have made most of the common mistakes (at least once). Here are HMC's top 5 sales prospecting mistakes to avoid.


Automation in Sales

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is looming, and the need for the digitalization of companies increases, it is time for your company to step into the future with sales automation. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is looming, and the need for the digitalization of companies increases, it is time for your company to step into […]


Best Practices for Lead Management

Leads are the foundation of your business development and by converting leads into clients you can ensure that your business grows. By ensuring that your lead generation plan is strategic you can increase the number of leads generated and how many you convert into clients. Here are a few best practices that you can implement […]


Winning FDI in the Digital Age

As digital continues to disrupt every aspect of commerce, the leadership within economic development organisations face challenges and opportunities as they come to terms with this new reality. As leaders, you will be only too aware of how frustrating the FDI sales cycle can be. As we sell into functions rather than industry sectors, identifying […]


The Impact of Social on Sales

We no longer ‘’go online’’, we ‘’live’’ online, meaning that companies now have to adapt online methods to connect with their prospects in order to grow their business. The sales industry has been disrupted heavily by social media, as now you can connect with people instantly and get more information about your customers. By having […]


A good strategy isn’t everything – Execution is key

If you are a business owner you will understand the importance of a good strategy, it is the foundation of your business. It depicts where your company is now, the economy, competitor analysis, objectives and control. By compiling this information, you will create a stronger deeper understanding of the direction that your business needs to […]


Accelerate your Business Growth strategy

Here are a few different actions that you can introduce to ensure that your business is constantly growing to its potential. Clear Plan It is essential that you have a clear document outlining your Business Growth strategy as this is a vital in order to map out your objectives and how exactly you are going […]


Building a Sales Performance Management Strategy

Boosting your efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team should always play at the back of a manager’s mind. However, some don’t realise the need for a Sales Performance Management strategy. By having this strategy, you will be able to clarify your thinking as to how you are going to hit goals and targets, without […]


Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Small to medium-sized enterprises are faced with challenges daily. Since these companies are at a smaller scale compared to a global company it means that they will be affected by numerous problems such as high cost of insurance, state of the economy, employee skills gap and competition within the UK and abroad – the list […]


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