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Best Practices for Lead Management

Leads are the foundation of your business development and by converting leads into clients you can ensure that your business grows.

By ensuring that your lead generation plan is strategic you can increase the number of leads generated and how many you convert into clients. Here are a few best practices that you can implement to manage your lead generation:

Define Personas

By defining your ideal target audience, you can ensure that you are able to engage with them and influence their buying decision. The development of personas is a fantastic tool to help determine the characteristics and traits that your ideal lead would possess, including knowledge of their problems, the type of content they enjoy, the channels they prefer, how they like to be communicated with and whether they prefer online or offline interaction. By having this mapped out you can ensure that everyone understands the type of people your ideal lead would be, making it easier for the sales team to target.

Tailored Content

Blogging is an easy way to engage with your target audience and showcase your expertise. By publishing blog content, you can engage and influence leads with your company’s leadership and knowledge around your customer’s needs. So, by segmenting your audience further you can deliver tailored content with clear call to action, that will resonate with these customers. This will increase generated leads and ensure that are brand is visible and we can reach more customers.

Integrate Sales and Marketing

Integrating your sales and marketing teams will ensure better alignment of resources and decrease risk of duplication. In addition, by having both teams work together, they are able to make a lead travel faster through the sales process, thus converting more leads in customers quicker. Both teams can avail from a joined CRM system to ensure that all contacts are stored centrally and easy to access. The more information both teams can give each other in terms of leads will result in the generation of more leads.

Building Rapport

Leads will find it difficult to part with their hard-earned cash, so it is essential that you are able to build rapport and showcase the value that your product or service will give. If people trust you then you will be able to make them feel more comfortable, resulting in them listening to you. One way of ensuring this is keeping commitments, get in touch and follow up when you have stated you would. By doing so you will develop your relationship further and hopefully gain a new client.


Marketing Automation has become one of the latest trends in marketing, as you are able to automate repetitive tasks such as email, website and digital communications. Thus, you are able to use an automation software that makes all of these simpler. This will generate more leads as you are able to spend more time on valuable tasks and let automation worry about the generic repetitive tasks.


Feedback is an essential way to gain an insight into what was successful or a failure after closing or losing a deal. By having a culture of feedback, you are able to improve your lead management process constantly, and ensuring that everyone is trained effectively to win more deals.

Lead generate is vital to growing your business and developing a pipeline and the above best practices should be implemented if you are looking to improve lead management. Here at HMC, we know sales and if you are looking to grow your business effectively, then get in touch with the team. We have a team of experts who have consistently developed a successful pipeline of business for all of our clients. Get in touch with the team to find out more on

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