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Automation in Sales

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is looming, and the need for the digitalization of companies increases, it is time for your company to step into the future with sales automation.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is looming, and the need for the digitalization of companies increases, it is time for your company to step into the future with sales automation.

Automation allows companies to streamline and execute the process for new leads, without the manual work that they would have to carry out. Sales is all about the individual connecting and building a relationship with another person. By integrating automation into your company, you will be able to utilize technology to focus on the right opportunities and spend more time selling as you are not wasting resources.

In order to be successful, companies cannot rely on their old sales processes, you need to revamp your processes and change your mindsets. Here are a few areas that sales automation can help your company:


Keeping up with prospects can be very time-consuming, whether that is through phone calls, emails or face-to-face, this is valuable time that you are taking away from selling your offering. As each client does require follow up’s, there can be a way that sales automation can streamline this process. Invest in a system that can manage your client communication, many CRM systems have the functionality that you can make phone-call and emails within the system. Thus, this will make it easier to log communications as the system can do this and will have a record of all communications between you and the client, saving you a lot of time.

Lead Prioritization

For a salesperson it can be extremely difficult to stay on top of all your contacts, and to smoothly pass them through the sales process. By purchasing a system that will automate your lead prioritisation, it will use lead scoring to optimise this process. Once set up to your company’s preferences, it will determine which leads are most likely to convert. Thus, you will be able to see the interaction they have had with your past communications, giving you a greater insight into how you can close a deal based on this information.

Lead Distribution

Everyone on your sales team is busy, and when a hot lead comes in, sometimes it can take time for a sales manager to allocate a salesperson to follow up. In order to have the best chance of converting that lead to a customer, your team needs to act fast. By automating your lead management, you can set up your CRM system to allocate leads. This will save time, however, in order for this to be successful you need to ensure that there are certain criteria’s set up such as region or industry to ensure that allocation isn’t random.


Salespeople can waste a lot of time reporting everyday tasks on applications such as Microsoft Excel. Reporting is vital to your company’s everyday success and improvements, to combat this let automation save your company time and let your sales team generate more lead. By investing in a CRM system, it is very powerful as it can set up automated reports for you, which you can use to show your sales manager your progress.

Finally, it is important to make sure that your CRM system or any other system your company invests in caters to the needs of your business and sales team. Spend time researching the capabilities and functions of other systems before making the purchase, as this is the key to successful sales automation.

Here at HMC, we simplify the entire business growth strategy process, so you can grow faster, work smarter and manage what matters. If you want more information or advice on integrating sales automation into your wider operations, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We’d love to hear from you.

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