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Habits of Highly Effective Sales People

The art of sales can be difficult, however, there is a few sales habits that you can develop to make sure you become a more effective sales person.

1. Prepare

‘’Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’’

Yes, it might be cringy but the quote is true. The difference between a decent sales person and the top sales people are that they are always prepared. Make sure that you set aside time in your diary to prepare.

By being prepared they were able to overcome challenges and be able to think on their feet. Thus, they were able to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

2. Follow Up

It is vital for a sales person to never forget to follow-up on a conversation or a sales meeting with you. If not, you will give the customer a feeling that you are not important or valued as a prospect or customer.

Everyone has a busy scheduled, so to avoid this – make sure you record when you have any follow ups or sales meetings.  

NB. Also keep any promises to customers and keep up communications, you want them to know you are interested in working with them.

3. Qualify

Sales people are constantly in a battle with time. The difference that an excellent sales person will do is they will be picky about the sales opportunities that they want to focus their attention on.

Excellent sales people are great at qualifying and prioritising which opportunities they should pursue. They constantly check their sales pipeline and use this to decide which opportunities will get the best results.

4. Network

Expanding your network is essential – don’t be afraid to ask someone to introduce you to someone who would be interested in your product or services. It is one of the most effective way in getting new business leads.

5.Educating yourself

This may sound really obvious, but, it can be overlooked. Most customers will trust someone who can demonstrate that they understand the product or service, whilst tailoring this to their need. In order to do this, spend some time educating yourself and keeping up-to-date with your company. Additionally, by backing this up with industry knowledge you can showcase your wealth of knowledge and build stronger relationships with customers or prospects.

6. Listen

An excellent sales people knows when to stop talking about their products and services to listen to their customer. By doing this, you can gain an insight into their needs and what problem they are looking to solve – which is essential knowledge if you want to close a deal.

Find a way to train your listening skills, whether this is through a course or through weekly sales meetings. A true sales person knows that they are never done with training and that listening is at the core of understanding your customers.

7. Be motivated

In order for customers to truly trust you as a sales person, you need to be enthusiastic and love what you do. This can be easily shown by demonstrating your understanding of your company and how this meets the customers’ needs.

If you don’t convey enthusiasm customers will be unlikely to purchase from you and it will be difficult to grasp their attention. Make sure you get enough sleep and have a positive attitude – I know this is easier said than done but you would be surprised at how much more customers’ will respond to you if you’re alert and awake.

By adopting these you will see an increase in your sales activity and maybe you can double your engagement with customers’.

At HMC Global, we have over 25 years experience in inward investment and sales. We have a team of nearly 40 employees based all around the world. We offer proven methodology that will get your companies results.

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