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5 Sales Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re in sales, you will understand the significant role that prospecting plays in the sales process.  With over 20 years in lead prospecting, we have made most of the common mistakes (at least once).

Here are HMC’s top 5 sales prospecting mistakes to avoid

1. Purchasing Email Lists Email lists rarely work. The same goes for any kind of listings that are being sold by countless list owners promising only the best leads. Save your money and risk it elsewhere in your business.  

2. Not Researching Your Market, Audience or Competition This is something that everyone plans to do, but fails to execute due to time pressures and other commitments. Understanding your market, competition and target audience is crucial. Otherwise, you’ll end up winging it and going down in some proverbial flames. Always do your research.  

3. It’s Not About Your Business Exposing the problem your prospect is having while explaining why your product or service is their solution is key. All too often, salespeople begin to overtly push their company on prospects before understanding the problem.  Remember that it’s not about your product, it’s about how your product can help them.

4. Not Conducting Follow-up This mistake is one that goes back to the beginning of sales-time, and is repeated to this day by countless sales people, even the best ones. Sometimes it’s due to an already busy schedule, exhaustion, or forgetfulness. Whatever the reasons, not following up with your prospects is costing your business money! Prospecting is not an idle act. It will take multiple contacts with most prospects before you will see your conversion rate rise. The sooner you follow-up with your prospects, the sooner you’ll start seeing those sales roll in.  

5. Using Automated Marketing Tools Prospects are savvier than ever, and able to recognize an automated message when they see one and that much more likely to ignore or trash it. To be successful, technology is support for, not a substitute for, a strong integrated marketing and sales process. It is most effective when it allows sales professionals to have high-informed discussions with well-qualified buyers.

inFront-  Qualifying leads faster, increasing face-time with clients and dramatically reducing the total cost of customer acquisition. inFront, HMC’s integrated marketing platform, reflects experience in sales prospecting across multiple industries. 

For more information, please contact Ian Laverty: ian.laverty@hmcglobal.co.uk 

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