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About Us

HMC is a global marketing services consultancy, providing market research, customer insight and sales strategy. For over 30 years, we have partnered with global clients to secure business from some of the world’s largest corporations.  Our trade team, supported by staff in our overseas offices in the US and Asia, have helped hundred’s of small businesses to achieve export success.

Founded in 1992,HMC’s mission is to work with companies, stakeholders and aspiring sales professionals to improve their sales effectiveness.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here is what our client’s have to say about HMC Global.

Sohail Saeed

Director of Economic Development & Tourism

City of Brampton

We just recently started working with HMC on a lead generation project in the UK, and have had a very positive experience. They exceeded the targets that were set out and delivered a high-quality programme. We will be looking to use their services again on a further trip.

Andy Wallace

Managing Director

The Robot Exchange

We were impressed at the high level of potential client HMC had put us in front of. In our experience with this process, we would get some small local clients, majority of whom would cancel either on the day of or before the meetings. With HMC Global we didn’t have a single client do this. What’s more, the level of client we discussed our solution with was at C-Level. We felt the detailed documents we received from HMC Global allowed for us to do the required research and additionally, the clients had been briefed correctly on our company also. Whether we successfully close these initial contacts will be down to us, but we now have a foot in the door thanks to the hard work from the HMC Global team.

Dr. Zoran Stamatovski

Head of Foreign Direct Investment

Spirit Slovenia (previously known as JAPTI)

Over the last six years, international consulting company HMC Global has identified and helped attract foreign direct investment to Slovenia from across Europe and North America. We found HMC Global to express a high degree of seriousness and commitment in the landing of individual projects.

Brad Mix

Senior Investment Director

Prince Edward Island, Canada

We have worked with HMC for almost four years now and have built up a strong working relationship with the team. We are very happy with the service that they have provided us and they have consistently impressed us with both the high quality of their work and their in-depth knowledge and experience across a number of industries in Europe.

Karla Moran

International Trade & Investment Director

Arizona Commerce

I have worked with HMC Global on multiple trips to Europe and found them to save me time and expense when qualifying FDI opportunities for Arizona. I would recommend their services to any Investment Promotion Agency looking to outsource and receive strong qualified leads in return.

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